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Temple Inscriptions

* 8 May 2023
Eleven inscriptions from Pallava and Chola periods were found at a Sivan Temple at Azhakiyamanavalam near Mannachanallur by research scholars.
- 15th regnal year of Nandivarma Pallava II of 8th century CE - two different endowments made by two shepherds namely Manattul Araisan and Kuditali Kovanattan to light lamps in the temple, referred to as Merrali.
- four inscriptions of Parantaka Chola I of 10th century CE - two register gifts of land made by two individuals, one from a temple musician and the other from a trader, Manikramam settled at Pachchil.
- A third regnal year inscription of Rajakesari (Sundara Chola or Rajaraja I) - gift made by Nakkan Paavai alias Vallanaipaka Thalaikkoli, who considered herself as the daughter of the presiding deity of the temple.
- A fragmentary inscription of 9th century CE and another one, in which the name of the king is lost, record endowments made for lighting of a lamp at the temple.
These eleven inscriptions have been copied by officials and the discovery of the new records has been informed to the authorities, Dr. Kalaikkovan said in a press release.
Source: Inscriptions from Pallava, Chola periods found, The HIndu, April 04, 2017

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