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* 5 Jun 2022
WWF India / World Wide Fund for Nature India
Established as a Charitable Trust on 27 November, 1969, WWF India set out with the aim of reducing the degradation of Earth’s natural environment and building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. In 1987, the organization changed it's name from the World Wildlife Fund to World Wide Fund for Nature India. With five decades of extensive work in the sector, WWF India today is one of the leading conservation organizations in the country. WWF India is a science-based organization which addresses issues such as the conservation of species and its habitats, climate change, water and environmental education, among many others. Over the years, its perspective has broadened to reflect a more holistic understanding of the various conservation issues facing the country and seeks to proactively encourage environmental conservation by working with different stakeholders- Governments, NGOs, schools and colleges, corporates, students and other individuals.

*1 Feb 2022
Servants of India Society was founded on 12 June 1905 by Gopal Krishna Gokhale to build a dedicated group of people for social service and reforms. In the field of famine relief, union organisation, cooperatives and uplift of tribals and depressed, the Society did commendable work.
Gopal Krishna Gokhale was supported by a group of dedicated persons such as Gopal Krishna Deodhar, Anant Patwardhan, Natesh Appaji Dravid etc. The society worked in the fields of promotion of education, removal of untouchability, promotion of sanitation and healthcare etc. From 1911, it also published its newsletter titled “Hitavada” in English from Nagpur. The society still exists and has its headquarters in Pune.

* 2 Dec 2021
Inscription Stones Of Bangalore is a civic activism project to raise awareness and protect ancient inscription stones (shila shaasanas) found in the Bengaluru region. Inscriptions stones are original documentation of the people, culture, religion and language of the region dating back to as early as 750CE.
Rampant urbanization in Bengaluru has led to destruction of a majority of the inscription stones, which were documented by B.L. Rice between 1894 to 1905 in his remarkable twelve-volume book Epigraphia Carnatica. This project retraces the footsteps of B.L. Rice and uses modern technology & methods to help in the preservation of these inscription stones.
While most Bangaloreans are aware of the city’s history from the time of KempeGowda, the city has a hoary past that goes back at least 2500 years ! Evidences of this are in stone age tombs & tombs that were discovered at Bellandur, Jallahalli the race course…!
As for use of written language and its evidence, we had in Bangalore in the early part of the 21st century some 175+ stone inscriptions (Shila Shaasanas). These inscriptions date from the fifth century AD onwards and were found in all parts of the city. These inscriptions are original documentation of the people, culture, religion, language, etc of the time. Sadly over 70% of these have since been destroyed and even those that are still around are unrecognized, unappreciated and lie in pitiable surroundings.
Bangaloreans urgently need to recognize the value of these inscription stones and secure them from further destruction.  Inscription Stones Of Bangalore facebook group is the platform to discuss and coordinate between interested Bangaloreans wishing to actively work towards the conservation and awareness creation about these stones.
fb: groups/inscriptionstones

This is a crowd funded program, supported by the archaeological department and the government. But more importantly it’s the culmination of the work and efforts by Mr. Uday Kumar and team. Beginning this August, I doubt they have taken any holidays. Working at day jobs as engineers, they have given all their spare time to this project. And the engineers that they are, it’s been beautifully presented with the sole purpose of creating awareness and pride in our history. They also recieved support from across the world with all the different aspects of the exhibition on ‘Inscription Stones of Bangalore’.

* 15 Sep 2021
The Guruvayur Devaswom’s Institute of Mural Painting was established in the the year 1989.  It was a fire mishap in the Guruvayur Temple Complex in the year 1970 that actually paved the way for the setting up of this institution. The fire damaged the Sreekovil (Sanctum Sanctorum) and the paintings on the three walls were also destroyed in the incident. When the walls were to be decorated again with paintings as a part of the renovation, the authorities found that artists who could do such work were few. However those artists who were deputed to do the work like veteran Mural Painters Mammiyur Krishnankutty Nair, Pattambi Krishna Varier, M.K.Sreenivasan and K.K. Varier completed the job satisfactorily. The authorities, art lovers and artists got together to think of ways of preserving the mural paintings. The result was the establishment of the Institute of Mural Painting by the Guruvayur Devaswom.

* Jul 2021
The Central Soil and Materials Research Station (CSMRS), New Delhi
is a premier national institute of the country, devoted to research and investigations, primarily in geo-technical engineering, construction materials and concrete technology. In addition to water resources sector involving hydroelectric and irrigation projects, CSMRS has been undertaking the challenging works pertaining to nuclear and super-thermal power projects, and other construction works. The Research Station also functions as consultant in India and for neighboring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan for projects and for organisations dealing with such works in the following areas of its specialisation: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Soil Dynamics, Rock Fill Technology, Geo-textile, Grout Technology, Drilling Technology; Engineering Geophysics, Rock Engineering; Construction Materials and Concrete Technology; Geotechnical Instrumentation and Chemical aspects of Water and Engineering Materials.

* Jul 2021
The Central Water Commission (CWC)
is a premier technical organisation in the country in the field of Water Resources since 1945. The Commission is charged with the general responsibilities of initiating, coordinating and furthering, in consultation with the state governments concerned, schemes for control, conservation and utilisation of water resources throughout the country, for purposes of flood control, irrigation, drinking water supply and hydro power development. It also undertakes investigation, construction and execution of any such schemes as required.The CWC is headed by a Chairman, who also holds the status of Ex-officio Secretary to the Government of India.

* Jul 2021
Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI)
is a statutory body under Section 4 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 with its headquarters at Chennai. Its basic mandate is to advise the Government on animal welfare issues, and create awareness regarding animal welfare. AWBI gives financial assistance to the eligible Animal Welfare Organisations for Shelter Houses, Model Gaushalas, for setting up Bio-Gas Plants, Famine/Drought Relief, Earthquake Relief, etc., in the various states.