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Folk / Regional / Tribal dances

* 5 Nov 2021
Pili Yesa
Pili Yesa - Pinterest collection
Also spelt differentnly as Pili Yesha, Pili Vesa, Pili Vesha, Huli vesha.
Pili Yesa or Tiger dance is a traditional folk dance of the Tulu regions of Karnatka and Kerala, that originated  in Udipi, Karnataka.  It is traditionally performed during Janmashtami (Krishna Jayanthi), Dusshera (Dasara) during the Goddess Sharada procession, Ganesh Chaturthi, both as a religious offering to the Gods and also as a ritual performance.
Pili vesha means Tiger form or in tiger costume.  Pili in Tulu means a tiger.  Young boys and men wear a brief costume with a tail and paint their bodies as a tiger, leopard or cheetah.  Sometimes a tiger mask is also worn. They mainly perform during the Sharada procession but also give short performances on street sides to collect the contributions made by the public who gather to view the performance.