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* Jul 2021
Ikkat is the process of creating designs in fabric by resist-dyeing the threads before the fabric is woven.
It is a style of weaving that uses a tie-dye process on either the warp or weft before the threads are woven to create a pattern or design. A Double Ikat is when both the warp and the weft are tie-dyed before weaving.
Ikat designs are also woven in Central and South America, Japan, Indonesia, Bali, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo) and Sumatra.....
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- Gujarat, in northern India is home of one of the most famous ikat traditions called the Patan Patola. These silk fabrics are double ikat, traditionally done with vegetable dyes, but now using chemical dyes.
- Koyalagudum, Andra Pradesh specialize in warp ikat particularly suitable for furnishing fabrics made from cotton. Sarees are also woven here.
- ORISSAN style of ikat has a long tradition dating back at least to the 12th century. Weavers migrated from the Patan area bringing the basic techniques which then developed over time to a unique style of flowing designs.