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* 26 Jul 2021 (updated 29 Jul 2021)
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Rudreswara Temple also known as Ramappa temple, located at Palampet, Mulugu district, near Warangal in the state of Telangana has made it to UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The decision was taken at the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO held on Sunday in China.
Ramappa temple, a 13th century temple named after its architect, Ramappa, was proposed by the government as its only nomination for the UNESCO World Heritage site tag for the year 2019. Even so, the temple has been in UNESCO’s tentative list since 2014.
Source: The Indian Express, 26 July 2021

Recently UNESCO certified the Rudreshwara Ramappa Temple in Telangana as a world heritage site. Built in the 13th century in Palampet, on the outskirts of the city of Warangal, the Ramappa Temple is one of the finest examples of the Kakatiya architectural heritage. Inscriptions date the temple to 1213 AD built by a general Racherla Rudra Reddy under the reign of King Ganapati Deva. The inner sanctum is dedicated to Lord Shiva while there are several smaller shrines around the temple complex. Some of the best preserved sculptures of dance can be found in this temple. It was in the Kakatiya kingdom that Jayappa Senapati authored the famous 'Nritta Ratnavali', a comprehensive treatise on classical dance. The exquisite dance sculptures in different parts of the temple complex tell us about the thriving culture of patronage towards dance in the Kakatiya kingdom.
Source: Veejay Sai,