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PERSONALITIES - Nationalist and Poet - Bharathidasan

18 Sep 2021

Subburathinam  (Kanagasabai Subbu) (29 April 1891 - 21 April 1964) later known popularly as Bharathidasan was born in a wealthy Mudaliar family in Pondicherry.

He received formal instruction in Tamil grammar, literary classics and Shaiva Siddhantham and excelled in his studies through school and college. Endowed with an early gift for writing poetry, Subburathinam came into contact with the legendary Tamil poet Subramania Bharathi (1882-1921), freedom fighter who was in exile in Pondicherry for a decade (1908-1918). As a mark of his deep admiration for Bharathi and his work, the young poet took the name of Bharathidasan (Bharathi's servant/devotee).
Source: Remembering Bharathidasan: Prolific poet and Dravidian politics' rhetorical memory by Kalyan Raman N,

Bharathidasan has penned lyrics for several Tamil film songs and has also written the story, script and songs for films.

The song Vazhvinil Semmaiyai Seibaval Neeye written by Bharathidasan and set to tune by L.Krishnan in 1991 is the state song of the UT Pondicherry.
The song was originally written by Bharathidasan for the Ilakiya Mandram that he had established as a meeting point for poets, litterateurs and musicians.
In 1971, the song was chosen as the 'Thamizh Thaai Vaazhthu' for Pondicherry during the tenure of M.O.H.Farooq Maraickar as CM.

Bharathidasanís birthday April 29 was declared as "Tamil Poets Day" in 2015 by the then CM of Tamilnadu J.Jayalalitha.

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