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Paintings - Saura

* 7 Jun 2022
The Saura tribe, who speak a Munda language is also known by other names such as Savara, Sabara, Sora, Soura. 
The Saura tribe of Odisha is an ancient tribe with some characters from the Epics.
- Sabari who was a great devotee of Lord Rama, who gave him only good fruits after tasting them herself is siad to be from the Saura tribe.
- Jara Savara was the hunter who shot Lord Krishna in his foot. 

* 7 Jun 2022
Saura painting
The Saura is the largest primitive tribe in India. Hailing from the tribal culture of Odisha’s Rayagada, Gajapati and Koraput districts, Saura paintings are practised by the local tribe called Saura (also called Sora, Sahara and Sour). In the Saura tribal community, a pictograph is made during times of adversity, disease, and death. The Sabaras were reputed to excel in witchcraft, magic and astrology. The Saura artist is usually the magician priest, the Kuranmaran. Among the various themes of the Saura painting, the most important one is that of the Ittal, the Saura deity attached with signs and symbols. It functions as a means of worship and a medium of invocation. The Sauras believe that their world is peopled by a great company of gods, ghosts and spirits of nature as well as of their ancestors. These spaces in the paintings serve as temporary dwellings or rest houses for the spirits in the living world. The inspiration for the compositions of these paintings or ittalam, may arise from the desire to honour the recently deceased, to commemorate the celebration of a certain festival, from the need to cure an illness, ensure safe birth of a child, agriculture related rituals etc. The Sun God, Uyungan, is painted by Sauras as the creator and life-giver of seed. The diagram of Sun is held sacred but is never an object of worship. The solar eclipse is depicted as the swallowing of Sun by the primordial snake. Scenes of hunting, riding and male occupations predominate.
Source: fb- @theheritageodisha