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LOCATIONS - Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari

* 3 Sep 2021
Vivekananda Rock Memorial, an architectural wonder with a great historical and religious significance was inaugurated in the year of 1970 in honour of the great saint and leader of India, Swami Vivekananda who has visited Kanyakumari in 1892, a few days before leaving for Chicago for World Religious Conference. He had then visited the rock and meditated here for two days.
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Located 500 meters away the mainland, Vivekananda rock is one of the two rocks located south east of the Kanyakumari temple. Devi Kanya Kumari, the young Goddess is believed to have done penance on this rock. There is a small projection which resembles the human feet and hence the rock is called the Sri Pada Parai (holy rock sanctified by the Goddess's feet).

Vivekananda Rock Memorial consists of two mandapams - Vivekananda Mandapam and Shripada Mandapam
Vivekananda Mandapam consists of Dhyana Mandapam (Meditation Hall) with six adjacent rooms. Sabha Mandapam or the Assembly Hall includes Pralima Mandapam (statue section) two rooms, a corridor and an open prakaram round the Sabha Mandapam. Near the front entrance are two rooms and there is a corridor below the steps.

Shripada Mandapam is a square hall with a Garbha Graham (Sanctum Sanctorum), inner prakaram, outer prakaram and outer platform around the hall.
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