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Locations in Manipur

* 3 Jun 2022
Keibul Lamjao National Park - india-info Pinterest collection
Keibul Lamjao National Park, the only floating park in the world stretching over 40 sq km of floating vegetation is located in the south western part of the Loktak lake (largest freshwater lake in the country), Manipur. This is the last natural habitat of the brow-antlered deer Sangai (state animal of Manipur) the dancing deer of Manipur, Hog Deer, Otter, a host of water fowls and migratory birds (usually sighted during November to March). The Forest Department of Manipur maintains watch towers and two rest houses within the park. The park has a 1.5-metre deep vegetation, which keeps floating, and this floating foliage is known as phumdi.
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Known for the patches and rings of biomass called phumdis, the park is a wetland ecosystem. A phumdi is a carpet of dead and decaying flora, which floats on the surface of the lake-about a fifth of it is above the surface. Tall reeds and grasses grow on these phumdis, often reaching up to 15ft in height.
Source: Discover the only wildlife sanctuary floating on a lake by Labanya Maitra,, Oct 17, 2019