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* 8 Sep 2021
Trimurti Mandpam
This cave temple is a three celled mandapam. There is no maha mandapam or ardha mandapam. All three shrines are on one common platform with independent steps leading to each garbagriham. The first cell is dedicated to Brahma Sastha, the second to Siva and the third to Vishnu. Beside the Vishnu is a Durga panel.
Trimurti Mandpam, MahabalipuramTrimurti Mandpam, Mahabalipuram

The Trimurti cave temple has only the facade of the vimana without the mandapa in front.  Each of its three shrines, dedicated to Siva, Visnu and Brahma-Sasta is a finished unit, consisting of the adisthaana with a flight of steps in front, an excavated shrine and a prastaara (architrave) on top.  Its kapota is decorated with koodu arch motifs, with a row of haaras over it.  No superstructure appears above, as the second tala behind the haara has been reached.  Dvaarapaalas flank each of the shrine entrances.  However, further elaboration of the talas was not attempted in the three because the top of the rock had already been attained.
Trimurti Mandpam, Mahabalipuram - Pinterest collection
Source: A History of Fine Arts in India and the West by Edith Tomory (pg 73), Published by Orient Longman