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in Hampi, Karnataka

* 10 Jul 2022
Malyavanta Raghunatha temple, Hampi, Karnataka - india-info Pinterest collection
Malyavanta Raghunatha temple dedicated to Lord Rama at Hampi is located near the bazar. Built in early 16th century CE by Vijayanagara king Sri Krishnadevaraya in classical Vijayanagara style it abounds in decorative pillars, bas-reliefs and sculptures. The east facing temple consists of two gopurams, porch, a large pillared pavilion, Kalyana mantap (marriage hall), a couple of pillared halls with large courtyards and large praakara around. The cave in which Lord Rama and Lakshmana took shelter on the way to rescue Sita Devi. Sri Rama Charita Manas is being recited dawn to dusk everyday here.
A passage between huge boulders leads us to the top. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and further up is a Shiva Linga and his vehicle Nandi.
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* 2 July 2022
Anjanadri Hill, Hampi, Karnataka - india-info Pinterest collection
Anjanadri Hill (Anjeyanadri Hill) at Hampi, in the Anegondi area, Karnataka is considered the birth place of the monkey god Lord Hanuman.  Being the son of Anajna, he is also called Anjaneya and hence the name Anjaneyadri.
Anjaneyadri Hill, Hampi, Karnataka
It is located at a distance of about 5km from Hampi surrounded by rich paddy fields. The white washed temple on the hill can be reached by climbing around 550 to 575 stone steps. The temple has a rock carved idol of Lord Hanuman. There are also shrines for Lord Rama and his consort Sita Devi and Anjana Devi in the same vicinity.
Anjaneyadri Hill, Hampi, Karnataka - india-info Pinterest collection
Water colour painting by Sumathi on A4 Chitrapat paper