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* 1 Jan 2022
'Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita' in Bengali (The Nectar of Sri Ramakrishna's Words) is five-volume work by M (Mahendra Nath Gupta), first published at Kathamrita Bhawan, Calcutta in the years 1902, 1904, 1908, 1910 and 1932 respectively.

The words of Sri Ramakrishna as M. (Mahendranath Gupta) recorded them in his diaries from 1882 through 1886. Conversations With Sri Ramakrishna is a word-for-word translation into English of Ramakrishna's conversations as they occurred. The translation was written out in longhand virtually without erasure or correction and appears in exact form as the translator, Sachindra Kumar Majumdar, took it off the pages of M.'s five volumes published in Bengali.
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* 6 Aug 2021
Bengali literature refers to the  body of writings in the Bengali language which has developed from  a  form  of  Prakrit  or  Indo-Aryan  language.  The  Bengali  literature  has  been divided  into  three  main  periods  -  ancient,  medieval  and  modern.  These  different periods  may be  dated  as:  ancient  period  from  950  AD to  1350 AD,  medieval  from 1350 AD to 1800 AD and the modern one from 1800 AD to the present.
Ancinet period -  In ancient period, the Bengali literature is survived through forty-eight spiritual hymns known  as  Charyapada (twelth  century)  composed  by  Buddhist  monks. The  composers  of  the  Charyapada hymns  include  Luipa, Bhusukupa,  Kahnapa  and  Shavarpa” (“Bengali  literature”). 
The medieval period - well known for Ramai Pandit’s narrative poem Shunyapurana. The collection of lyrical  poems  in  Apabhramsa  (dialect  of  medieval  period  in  Bengal)  named  Prakrtapaingala  is  the  part  of  Bengali literature in medieval period. During  this  period,  literature  developed  in  three  main areas: Vaishnava literature,  Mangala  literature and  translation  literature and the beginning  of Muslim Bangla  literature.
The modern period of Bengali  literature  started  with  the  foundation of Fort William College in 1800. The  powerful  prose  literature  developed  in  this period  along with  the rise  of  periodical  literature  and  new poetic genres. The writers of modern period experimented with different  forms of literary writings.
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