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* 9 Aug 2021
At the Sri Saraparameswarar Shiva Temple at Thirucherai, near Thanjavur, Tamilnadu there are three Durgai idols - Shiva Durga, Vaishnavi Durga and Vishnu Durga
Shiva Moolavar: Saraparameswarar
Amman: Gnanambikai, Gnanavalli

* 9 Aug 2021
When Goddess Durga  set out to destroy the demon Mahisasura she was handed weapons by all the Gods to add to her power.
Sword given by Lord Ganesha
Trishul (Trident) given by Lord Shiva
Sudarshan Chakra (Discus) given by Lord Vishnu
Lotus given by Lord Brahma
Vajra (Thunderbolt) given by Lord Indra
Bow and arrow given by Vayu and Surya Devas
Spear (or flame) given by Agni Deva
Shankh (Conch) given by Varuna Deva
Parashu (Axe) given by Vishwakarma
Snake symbolising masculine energy of Lord Shiva
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* Jul 2021
Navadurga: The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga to be worshipped on the 9 days of the Navarathri festival. (nava - nine) as narrated in Devi Kavacha of the Chandipatha scripture
1. Shailaputri (shaila - mountains ; putri - daughter)
embodiment of the power of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
vahanam (vehicle) - bull ; weapon - trident, lotus in the other hand

2. Bharmacharini - one who practices devout austerity
endows happiness, peace, prosperity and grace
holds rosary and kamandalam or water pot in her hands

3. Chandraghanta - has a chandra or half moon in her forehead in the shape of a ghanta or bell
for peace, tranquility and prosperity in life
vahana - lion ; 10 hands & 3 eyes

4. Kushmanda - (Ku - little, ushma - warmth, anda - the cosmic egg)
considered the creator of the universe
vahana - lion ; 8 to 10 hands

5. Skanda Mata (mata - mother ; Skanda - Kartikeya or Muruga)
with Lord Muruga seated on her lap ; lotus in hands

6. Katyayani (sage Kata was blessed with a daughter Katyayani, an avatar of the Goddess)

7. Kaali - also known as Shubhamkari, one who does good
vahanam - donkey ; dark complexion, disheveled hair

8. Maha Gauri - means extremely white (Lord Shiva cleaned her darkened complexion with the Ganges)
all sins of past, present and future get washed away, instantly fruitful
vahanam - bull ; white saree ; four arms in abhaya varada mudras, holds trident and damaru

9. Siddhidatri - supernatural healing powers
In Devi Bhagavata Purana, it is mentioned that Lord Shiva worshipped her and was blessed with all Siddhis (supernatural powers). By her blessings his half body became female and other half body male in the avatar of Ardhanarishvara.