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Hindu God -

July 2021
Brahma - the Creator, the first of the Hindu Trinity
from the Sanskrit root brih - to expand
In the earliest writings, Brahma meant a mantra.  In later Vedic texts he is identified as the Creator, relating him to the earlier Vedic Prajapati.
He is commonly depicted as seated on a lotus that sprang from Vishnu's navel.  Both Brahma and Vishnu are called Narayana (one who moves on the waters).
Brahmas other names:
Atmabhu, the self-born
Paramesthi, the first Brahman who performed all great Hindu yajnas
Lokesha, Lord of the world
Hiranya-garbha, one who came from the golden egg
Adikavi, the first poet
- Tirtha, The treasury of Indian expressions