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Dance - Mohiniyattam

* 11 Nov 2022
Mohiniyattam was added to the curriculum of Kalamandalam in 1932.  The first student for Mohiniyattam, Panthalathu Thankamma was literally co erced into Kalamandalam. Thus in 1932, with one student, one teacher and a Nattuvan - Korattikkara Appuredathu Krishna Panicker, the department of Mohiniyattam at Kalamandalam came into existence.  In 1935, Thankamma left Kalamandalam after her marriage.  Madhavi amma was sent to shanthinikethan to assist with the mohiniyattam classes there.  In 1937 under the tutelage of Chomayil Ramankandathu Valappil Madhavi Amma, with three new students, Mohiniyattam was opened up once again, but had to be closed down, two years later, as Madhavi amma and the Nattuvan took ill. Finally in 1950, the department was resurrected once again like the phoenix, under the guidance of Thottasheri Chinnammuamma. Chinnammu amma's legacy was passed down to her able students like Kalamandalam Satyabhama. It is at Kerala kalamandalam that the dance form was resurrected and given a fresh lease of life in the hands of various gurus like Guru Kalyaniamma, Guru Kunjukuttyamma and Guru Chinnammu amma. The dance form was further codified and structured into a form, exclusive to Kalamandalam. What one sees of Mohinivattam today, as the Kalamandalam style, has attained its finely chiseled version by the efforts of the second generation gurus like Guru Kalyanikutty Amma and Guru Satyabhama. Today Mohiniyattam is the most sought after course at kalamandalam. As a tribute to all the masters who nourished and nurtured it, 'the dance of the enchantress' exists, unique, elegant and on its own physical and spiritual dimension in the world of dance.